Webinar Intro to Implanted Neuroprosthetics

Friday 07/27/2018

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The webinar here is from a couple years ago, but it is a great introduction to implanted functional electrical stimulation devices (neuroprosthetics).   The development and use of neuroprosthetics in spinal cord injury has been going on since the 1980’s.  In this webinar you’ll learn about different types of neuroprosthetics as well as multiple questions to think about when you are considering a neuroprosthetic for yourself.  Currently, most neuroprosthetics for spinal cord injury are only available through research studies and clinical trials, so this webinar provides information about clinical trials as well.  Finally, you’ll learn how the Institute for Functional Restoration is creating a new business model to help facilitate making neuroprosthetics more easily accessible in the healthcare environment.  This webinar was co-presented by IFR Executive Director Megan Moynahan, Jennifer French, and myself.


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–Kim Anderson-Erisman, PhD